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Enhance the childrens Creativity by building their own robots.


90%  of practicals   with 10%   of   theory   classes.


Building strong arithmetic skills with live models.


Knowledge    about     motors,  sensors,   gears,    etc..


Simple scratch programming to complex logical coding for robots.


Incorporating science syllabus into robotics curriculum.

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They want to rule the entire kingdom with their own creativity. Today's technolgy drives them to create their world as robotized. The future of science is Robotics. Training for students is the need of this century. Playful learning is the base for creativity and innovation.

How they learn?

Take a look at our students team work and robot building session. These are our school classrooms and our teaching methodologies.

Our Students @ International Events

We never fail to showcase our young talents in a world-wide arenas. Every year our children represent their respective schools in national and international events with our guidance.

Our Events & News

Here are our glorious moments with our client schools and few updates about our upcoming camps & workshops.

Our Winning Moments

Here are some of our glorious moments to cherrish forever. These are our recent winning moments in various national and international events.

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