RFID EM18 125KHz RS232 Output


  1. Operating Voltage: 5V DC Supply
  2. Reading Distance: 6-10 cm.
  3. Read frequency: 125 kHz.
  4. EM4001 64 – bit RFID tag compatible.
  5. 9600bps ASCII output.
  6. Current : <50 mA
  7. Operating Frequency : 125 Khz
  8. This RFID Reader Module 125Khz is easy to use
  9. It is Low Cost
  10. It gives RS-232 and TTL Output
  11. Need a very less external component to drive
  12. TTL Level Compatible (Directly connected to the microcontroller)
  13. Small Buzzer & LED available to know about the card presence
  14. High-Quality PCB material & Original component only


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) defined as a wireless non-contact communication using radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. This RFID  transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects. The tags consist of electronically stored information.

This Reader module operating at 125kHz is an inexpensive solution for your RFID based application.EM-18 RFID Reader is a compact-sized, simple to use RFID reader module. Moreover, this wireless module consists of an inbuilt antenna, with only 2mm pin spacing. By powering the module, it will read any RFID card within range, and serial string output is generated. This generated output consists of the unique ID of the card. The serial RS232 output makes interfacing it to any microcontroller or computer quite easier. Hence any microcontroller or PC can easily read the output with an RS-232 interface. The wireless module features 2.54 mm spacing, which means the module will directly fit on a breadboard.It also has TTL output pins connected to the microcontroller.

This EM-18 RFID reader supports both UART and Wiegand26 output formats. Thus the TTL output from the  EM18 RFID development board interfaced with any 5V driven microcontroller including Arduino Uno. The onboard buzzer in the module indicates the status of whether the card is read or card error. Moreover, the onboard DC Jack accepts 5v to 12V DC adapter. This  RS-232 and TTL Output reader requires only fewer components to drive the module.


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