SIM28 GPS Module / Modem with GPS antenna


  1. Operating voltage: 12v dc.
  2. Compatible with TTL & serial.
  3. Frequency 1, 1575.42mhz
  4. 023mhz chip rate
  5. 16 channels all in view
  6. 6-channels GPS search engine
  7. Ultra-low-power design (38mA, typical)
  8. Compact size
  9. Built-in low noise, high gain active antenna
  10. Super-cohesive magnetic for installation
  11. High sensitivity (up to -152dBm typ)
  12. Apply to host devices with USB or RS232


SIM28 GPS Receiver Modem designed based on SIMCOM’s SIM28M/SIM28ML GPS Module. SIM28M is a  stand-alone or  A-GPS  receiver. SIM28M  consists of an inbuilt LNA, which can relax antenna requirement and eliminates the need for external  LNA. Even without network assistance SIM28, can track as low as -165dBm signal. SIM28M features excellent low power consumption characteristics (acquisition 17mA,  tracking  16mA).  SIM28M is capable of supporting various location and navigation applications,   including autonomous   GPS,   QZSS,   SBAS   ranging   (WASS, EGNOS, GAGAN, MSAS), DGPS, and A-GPS. Moreover, the inbuilt antenna circuitry in this modem is capable of receiving signals even at difficult locations where other modem fails to receive signal.  Use an external antenna of 1575.42MHz.

This GPS smart receiver consists of 16 channels with Ultra-low-power GPS architecture. This SIM28 GPS Receiver Modem features high position, velocity, and time accuracy performances. As well as high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. The modem powered using 9~15V DC (DC Only) Adaptor connected to  DC  Jack/Socket J1. The modem  protected from reverse polarity using a diode.

SIM28 GPS Receiver Modem operates on  +3.3V  supply,  9~15V  which is fed to the input of 78M05  voltage regulator  IC. Thus the output from 78M05 IC  of  +5V  provided as input to LM1117  IC which in turn gives +3.3V output to  SIM28M IC. SIM28 GPS Receiver Modem supports TTL Interface. So that the user can directly use  TTL output available at connector J3.  A  level shifter is used to make the module compatible with  +5V,+3.3V &  2.8V microcontrollers.


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