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Structure of our Syllabus

We have formulated our own syllabus for students with an emphasis on activity based learning. The syllabus has been framed considering the understanding level of each grade and their creative thinking.

Students Skill

Students will be offered skill courses from class 4 onwards. Thus, by the time they reach class 11 or 12, they will have the necessary knowledge to make an informed choice about their careers.

Practical Methodology

We follow kinesthetic learning which is a fancy way of saying learning-bydoing. Incorporating hands-on learning into the classroom is an easy way for our trainers to show the students how and what they learn can be used in the real world. Robotics calls for collaboration and communication for the project to work. This teaches student’s valuable life skills and team work.

Variation in our Resource kits

Cyberbots has the best robotic resources from the most trusted STEM brands to educate students. It has wide selection of hands-on robotic resources such as Arduino, raspberry, 3d printing, Drone, Tinkercad, Code.org etc. Our distinct feature is ensuring that the kit is categorized based upon the age and thinking level of the students.

100% Hands on industrial relevant concepts

Individual course certification

Path to real world internship

We Organize
Our Production Process

Competition Training We provide Worksheets based on the theory and the practical that has been taught in that month. This is an effective tool in ongoing efforts encouraging our students to engage their brains during class. Questions in the worksheets are framed indirectly and based on real-time applications to enhance their logical thinking, creativity in technical aspects

We provide two periodic assessments per academic year. We do not use periodic assessment results to grade children or schools rather we choose the combination of assessments that meets their needs. Periodic Assessments provide trainers with up-to-date information about what each student knows and can do, so that trainers can target teaching to the learning needs of every child.

Periodic evaluation report for each student is provided at the end of each term. The periodic evaluation report gives us the knowledge about the student’s logical thinking, depth of understanding and their creative skills. It gives us the knowledge to categorize students based on their level of understanding and helps us to concentrate in their area of needs


We are Trusted

Observational Report about Faculty
We frequently monitor the trainer in our client schools, to access and evaluate their performance and communication. The quality of the trainer will be reported to the management and their feedback would be considered.

Competition Training
We do not stick to the syllabus but empower our student’s to think out of the box. We encourage them to participate in various Technical competitions and guide them during the process. Our syllabus is framed in such a way that the students acquire adequate amount of knowledge about Electronics and automation leading them to attend competitions confidently.

Faculty Support Training

Operating Procedure OPERATION PLAN We recruit well qualified engineers from electronics stream and train them in technical knowledge, communication and soft skills. We also test their knowledge through assessments. We keep them updated by teaching them new technology and current robotic trends every Saturday. Our Organization believes it’s important for our trainers to remain updated on current technology.


We send monthly work done report to our client schools during the last week of every month to ensure that the management is aware of the robotics session happening. Cyberbots verifies the monthly work done report before it reaches the school management to check the completion of portions on time and takes necessary steps to complete the syllabus on time

Cyberbots manages and maintains the attendance of employees through their live location. The employee pay roll processing is calculated on the basis of the data collected from their attendance report which remarkably reduces the chances of human error

Optional Plan

Duration of course
Robotics curriculum in schools from class 1 to class 12 is a 32 period program which aims at teaching from basics of Electronics and programming to latest emerging technologies with a very strong and fun hands on experience by building robot
Operating Procedure
Cyberbots provides all necessary Tools & Materials to schools. We provide trained qualified faculties and curriculum for different grades. Faculties handle classes through power point presentations to help them understand technical concepts in a better way.



Our workshops are an excellent way for you to learn the most in-demand skills from industry experts.



Whereas it also plays an important role as a best final year project guidance in Chennai. Our bond with our engineering students is been around for many years build on mutual trust, respect and benefiting the student career . We develop technological and sophisticated IEEE 2021 Final Year Projects that provide career opportunities for students.

We provide the best final year projects in Chennai with these features:

1. One-Stop Solution for IEEE 2021 Final Year Projects for all departments
2. Fulfil all project needs
3. Projects that enhances your technical knowledge
4. Adds value for your Dream Career with real time projects
5. Creative & Innovative IEEE 2021 Final Year Projects
6. End to end practically developed projects and whole project knowledge transferred to the student

Final Year Projects Domains

Artificial Intelligence
Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Block Chain
Embedded System
Computer Vision & Raspberry Pi
Mechanical & Robotics
Power Electronics
Cloud Computing
Big Data
Very Large Scale Integration
Image Processing
Robotic Process Automation
Cyber Security
Data mining
Industry 4.0
Information Security



Offerings for Product Development process

Product Development Offerings

Product Build Plans

Do you just have an idea but don't know where to start? Our expert team of product consultants, designers, and developers who will work with you to scope, estimate, and build a plan for your project in a month.

Software Care

Let us maintain, monitor, and support your product as you focus on acquiring users. Our app hosting infrastructure powered by AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure lets you scale your product on demand.

Product Development

Build a Minimum Viable Product in 3 Months by augmenting our expert talent with the power of Cyberbots Platform. Let us handle the hassle of operating and maintaining your product while you focus on growth.

Product Teams

Find it challenging to scale the product development team to meet the demand of your rapidly growing product? We can help you to set up a dedicated or extended product development team

Our Capability


Products developed by Cyberbots have helped our customers win international awards and have been selected for startup accelerators and raised over millions in funding. Being a product development company, we succeed when your products succeed

Emilia Clarke
Mahesh From Maharishi VidyaMandir – Chetpet
My son has been taking Cyberbots classes for several years. I can’t say enough about the quality of instructors and staff at Cyberbots. It’s been super helpful for both academics and game development programs.
Emilia Clarke
Dhanalakshmi From VelsVidyashram – Pallavaram
My son had fun learning about 3D printing and has enjoyed printing numerous items on his Cadet. He expanded and bought himself a second larger printer and is using the skills he learned from Cyberbots . We have recommended Cyberbotsto many of our friends. His instructor was friendly and taught him a lot of basics in just a few weeks. He really launched my son's interest.
Emilia Clarke
Lakshmi From Maharishi VidyaMandir – Choolai
My son was excited to goto class. He's an athlete, so I thought he'd be itching to go outside, but instead he looked forward to every class.
Emilia Clarke
Jayseelan From SudharsanamVidyaashram – Avadi
Excellent engaging programme for kids. My 8 year old thoroughly enjoyed the 5 days of Online Camp. They have variety of courses so pick the one that your kid is interested in.
Emilia Clarke
Sangeethavani From Vels Vidyashram – Neelankarai
My son didn’t want to go to regular school, now can go to this school! As he loves this course.
Emilia Clarke
Akila From Sri Sankara Global Academy – Tambaram
My son felt engaged, interested, and learned new skills. He very much appreciated the small class size.
Emilia Clarke
Shanmugam From VelsVidyashram – Neelankarai
My 13 year old son attended two virtual camps. He really enjoyed both camps, learned a lot and is now working enthusiastically on his own project. He is looking forward to taking part in Cyberbots virtual camps again.
Emilia Clarke
Laura From VelsVidyashram – Pallavaram
I made my son take courses on python. He liked the classes very much and now he derives pleasure from coding. It is very important to make kids interested in subject, so, thank you for your courses!
Emilia Clarke
Catherine From Maharishi VidyaMandir – Mangadu
Jacob is enjoying & learning
Emilia Clarke
Jarome From VidhyaSagar Global School – Chengalpattu
The one on one interaction is great. Our daughter is learning something new each session. Definitely recommend


Why choose a product development company from India?

Over the past eight years, India has been a favorite Information Technology outsourcing location for many companies. Availability of English speaking talented developers, and low cost of services made India a top outsourcing destination. But over the past few years, India is becoming an R&D hub for product development, Artificial Intelligence etc for product companies around the globe. This is again due to the availability of developers who are trained in modern technologies like Javascript, Python etc, and because of the growing product ecosystem in India. Vast availability of software engineering skill and low cost of services makes India one of the best destinations to setup your product development center and R&D division. At Cyberbots, our aims is to become the most trusted partner for startups and enterprises looking for a product development company based in India.


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